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Since 1986...wars without reason / wars having no names/; villages under fire, settlements being evacuated... deep sufferings /opressions/ ... for which the European Court for Human Rights will probably condemn the Turkish Republic to pay compensations of thousands of Euros.
An absurd Law... The Law for the  Compensation of Harms Caused by the Struggle Against Terrorism... The reason for its enactment is not clear at all... is it either to compensate the losses of the victim or to refrain from paying the compensations?...

And...  the lives lost within this chaos...

Our new documentary concentrates mainly on the eastern province Van; discussces the issues arisen from the  “The Law for the  Compensation of Harms Caused by the Struggle Against Terrorism” enacted in 2005, to protect the rights of those who were obliged to leave their homes and the migration phenomenon.

The victims and their lawyers; the government officials taking part in the  commission responsible for the administration of this Law; all the concerned parties; how do they look at this issue?

Our documentary, while reclecting the opinions of the Kurdish citizens and of the state about the justice, the consensus and the peace, it  also reflects the position of the parties within the Kurdish struggle; and it seeks for anwers to the following questions:

Has the Law been successful in achieving its goal expressed as reaching a reconciliation between the Kurdish people and the state? Has the justice been administered? What about the reality? Has the Law provided an environment for coming face to face with the past? What is the effect of the Law on the relations between the Kurds and the State; and between those people obliged to leave their homes and their lawyers?

The Kurdish Issue has become almost impossible at the moment.  The documentary, looking at the content and the practice of the government policy, aims at bringing light to the social, economic, legal and political aspects of the issue, interrelated with each other.

This documentary is being realized within the framework of the Project entitled “Clearing the Clouds of Silence: Towards Creating a Peaceful National Dialogue through the Stories of Evacuations”, of the Democratization Programme of TESEV. The objective is that the documentary will be shown in various national and international festivals; within the scope of the university curriculum on the Kurdish issue; in the panels and discussion sessions organized by the Non-Governmental Organizations; and by national TV channels.