catalogue / one of us  


Turkey / 2009 / 78' / DVCAM / Turkish / English subtitles


Producer - Director
Some of the Charecters

Şehbal Şenyurt Arınlı
Bülent Arınlı
Şehbal Ş. Arınlı
Şehbal Ş. Arınlı, Serdar Güven
Dr. Aylin Çiftçi
Feryal Şenyurt / Akgün Şenyurt / Aysel Doğan / Serdar Doğan / Saliha Elbasan / Kemal Elbasan / Cemil Ateş / Bülent Şahin / Umut Çetintaş / Tülin Çetintaş / Erol Büyüktepe / M.Ali Taşdemir.


living as the “other”...

one of us...

“My sister is a schizophrenic.  My friend’s son, the other’s doughter, they are also schizophrenisc…  I have a friend, a Harvard graduate. Another one, an electrical engineer. They are also schizophrenics… According to the research findings one out of hundred persons is a schizophrenic. They are not like us. No one is like one another. They are not like no one, either.

We, their  relatives , would like to know their world.  We are curious about this world.. Theirs is a different world. . . It does not look like ours.. Or may be it does.. We do not know… What if we knew…Maybe we could talk to them. I mean we can really talk…Either in our words or in their words… it doesn’t matter.”